Do your students have a Biblical worldview?

Does it matter?

The BWVI is a thought-provoking assessment that helps students determine if their current Biblical worldview is aligned with historically accepted interpretations of the Bible. It includes a custom Biblical Worldview Report for each student, based on their responses to the BWVI questions. 

Your worldview influences everyday choices as well as the bigger societal issues of our day. The BWVI was designed to help students understand and further develop their Biblical worldview. But it also helps them understand and respect the worldviews of other people in their lives, from family members and classmates to co-workers and business associates.

The BWVI is a tool that empowers dialogue with yourself and those around you, giving you insight into how one’s worldview influences actions and behavior.

Is the BWVI right for your students or group?  We would like to give you a complimentary access code and see it for yourself.

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Those using the BWVI for classes or groups will get access to FACILITATOR’S GUIDE with information and suggestions on ways to use the BWVI with students of all ages.

You can request a complimentary access code to take the BWVI assessment yourself. If you think the BWVI might be useful for your students, access codes can be purchased to accommodate groups of any size.

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